LO*OP Center Staff


HCLE's personnel includes permanent staff, some of who are paid as consultants and part-time contractors, volunteers who have made a long-term or short-term commitment to HCLE, and short-term internships. The organization has no plans to hire full-time employees. New volunteers who have not accepted assignments of more that 60 hours are not considered staff although they play important roles in HCLE and make valuable contributions to its development and operation. Individuals who help HCLE but work for other institutions are referred to as Collaborators. People who donate time, expertise, artifacts or money but are not involved in operations are called Contributors.

Most people involved with HCLE will be part of a Team: Administration, Database, Metadata, Data-Entry, etc. Teams will be formed as needed and dissolved if or when their function is completed.

Permanent Staff

  • Liza Loop - Founder and Executive Director of LO*OP Center, Inc. and Vision Keeper for HCLE. Educational researcher and ed tech pioneer. (liza@hcle.org) My Story
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  • James Straus who is actively working on improving the wiki as well as eventually transferring it to a media wiki instead of wikispaces potentially. Working on fixing broken links within the catalog as well as eventually repaired broken OCR layers within the PDFs.

Each HCLE volunteer is encouraged to maintain his or her own wiki page. We will use these pages to get to know each other and to communicate about the projects we are working on. Before you actually volunteer, you might want to read our Volunteer Welcome Message

  1. Join the wiki. This will give you editing rights.
  2. Put your name below (in alphabetical order of first name) and then link it to a new page for yourself.
  3. Choose and implement the level of access you want for your page (from private to anyone can read)
  4. Use your page to introduce yourself and post information you want to share with your working group or with the world. Your page should have the following sections:
    1. Title: Your name
    2. Introduction - A description of who you are and what you do most of the time such as attend school, work at a paid job, volunteer elsewhere or pursue hobbies. Also include whatever skills you already have and what you would like to learn from this volunteer experience. You might want to say what you hope to be doing in 10 or 20 years.
    3. Communication Section - Here you can put messages for others and find their answers. Some of your first communications will be with your volunteer manager about what tasks you are taking on.
    4. Volunteer or Intern Objectives - This is your volunteer contract. After discussing your assignment with your volunteer manager prepare a table that indicates how many hours you expect to spend on which tasks during your volunteer period. Adults usually commit to 60 hours, College Undergraduate Interns to 180 hours for 4 semester units of course credit. Commitments for middle and high school students will vary and should be arranged with your school counselor and your volunteer manager. At the end of your volunteer period you may want to accept our thanks and say goodbye or sign up for an additional period.
    5. Descriptions of and/or Links to work you have created for HCLE.
    6. Volunteer Hours Chart - The columns of this spread sheet give the date on which you worked for HCLE, the number of hours you put in that day, the total number of hours you have worked, what your assignment was, and what you actually accomplished. There may be occasions when what you accomplish doesn't match the assignment -- that's ok, and it's good to know when that happens. Include any time you spend in meetings or phone calls, time spent learning a new skill or figuring out how to do something and all time researching in books or on the web. Every minute you spend working for HCLE counts as "revenue" for us and can be used to match cash donations from foundations and other funding sources. If the work you do benefits you as well as HCLE then we have a double win.
  • You can also use your own page to practice editing wiki pages in general.

If you have any difficulty editing the wiki please contact Liza Loop and she will talk you through the process until you are comfortable with it.

An example of a volunteer page is:

Active Volunteers

Database team:
  • Liza Loop

Salesforce Team:

  • Paul LeRoy

Metadata Team:

Catalog Project:


Inactive Volunteers

Database team:
  • Diana Morningstar
  • Rick Collette


Emeritus Volunteers

Catalog Project:
  • Shant


  • Connie Williams
  • Dick Karpinski


HCLE runs on contributions of skill, effort and money from all kinds of people. This page discusses various aspects of interning with us.

Interns are different from volunteers

Interns work under supervision on projects that contribute to their educational goals. Most interns are registered students but this is not a requirement. Although initial intern positions are unpaid, all interns are invited to try to raise money for LO*OP Center so that their positions can offer a stipend. Interns differ from volunteers because their primary purpose is their own education with their contribution to HCLE taking a secondary role. Volunteers have the same goals and responsibilities as paid staff even though they receive no compensation.

LO*OP Center staff (Liza Loop and Tom Trimbath) are experienced business and industry managers who have chosen to work and teach in the nonprofit sector. We offer interns with CS skills we lack the opportunity to experience real-world, technical support work in a low pressure, non-threatening, learning environment. Staff collaborates with interns to define achievable goals with deadlines and user feedback. We guide discovery of learning resources and technical mentors although we do not offer formal training or courses. We encourage publication, professional conference attendance and participation on professional community activities as part of internship duties. LO*OP interns usually are prepared to work as independent contractors or valued employees within their areas of expertise after one or two semesters with us.

Work Locations

Unless you happen to live near one of our staff members (Santa Rosa, CA, Foster City, CA or Clinton, WA) all work will be online. We use email, wikis, Google Hangout, Skype and several open source programs to communicate. You will need to provide your own computer and web access to participate.

Intern Pages

Applying for an Internship

Any available position at HCLE can be filled by a qualified intern. If the job you would like to do isn't here, please add it as a comment to this page or email jobs@hcle.org. Also, let us know if you would like a job that is currently filled. Internships usually last from 6 weeks to a year depending on the requirements of your school, college or university. If you are patient the job will open up soon. Many current "positions" would be better as teams so go ahead and let us know of your interest.

A (v) next to a job title indicates that HCLE would prefer that this be a long-term volunteer position but it can be filled by an intern in the short run.

All candidates must submit (to jobs@hcle.org):
  • a resume showing level of education, interests, hobbies, skills and past work experience. Previous paid employment is much less important than articulate description of personal history.
  • a letter of inquiry. This letter should include what interests you about the job, what you hope to learn from doing it, questions you have and suggestions for either new jobs or modifications of posted description. If you know what career you hope to pursue in the future you might also discuss how this internship will help you.

After we have reviewed your emailed communications we will arrange an informal telephone interview to fill in any gaps, answer your questions and discuss customizing a position to meet your individual needs and skills.

Please note: If you apply for one of these positions and your comments indicate to us that you have not read the description below you will not be considered a candidate. Feel free to ask questions to clarify or expand on what is written here. English reading comprehension and attention to detail are prerequisites for all internships. If English is your second language, staff will be happy to help you develop your fluency further.

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