Alan Wilson


I recently retired from high tech software development in broadcast and multimedia.
My professional responsibilities have ranged from system software support to embedded user applications.
In the past 18 months I have been volunteering for non-profit organizations developing web
sites used for news and photos, as well as customer donation data bases.

I have been using HTML, CSS, MySql, and PHP to develop data bases, user interfaces, automatic email and report generation.

I'm excited to join HCLE as a volunteer and contribute to the Virtual Museum and other aspects of the website.


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Goals and Objectives:

1. Become proficient with Omeka, WordPress, and Media Wiki.
2. Build a Virtual Museum website using WordPress.
3. Develop a visual website display of the HCLE_catalog database.
4. Reorganize the current wiki spaces website , or rebuild it using Media Wiki.

Specific Tasks:
1. Create proof-of-concept of the Virtual Museum containing at least the"Lobby" and "Gallery" pages.
2. Develop PHP code to read and display in a web page, the contents of the HCLE Catalog.
a) Review catalog database table.
b) Review Catalog php code.
c) Get layout requirements and wish list.
d) Draw detailed Image Gallery layout on Goggle draw.
3. Coordinate the creation and integration of other desired components like Game Parlor and Holodeck.
4. Integrate other completed components such as the Sponsors, Game Parlor, and Holodeck pages.
5. Determine how to export files in a format which can be imported to our Media Wiki site.
6. Design and implement PHP software applications which run in web pages that generate and display thumbnail
images that are linked to original jpeg and pdf files in the HCLE repository.
7. Download and install Wordpress 4.4.
8. Setup and integrate Image Gallery and Slide Show pages.
9. Design and implement Image page layout including database item titles.
10. Implement database query software using PHP to access and read data records by ID (index).
11. Design and implement web page layout which presents various portions of meta data.
12. Download and setup "Museum" wordpress theme and modify to resemble pages on

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