Hello my name is Andrey Ushakov. I am interested in learning about programming languages and web development. I already possess some basic skills in C++, HTML 5, and a little bit of MySQL. I am looking forward to perfecting my existing skills and gaining new ones by participating in this project. Currently I am majoring in Computer Science at California State University San Bernardino.

Hi Andrey. Liza here. You should be hearing from Stan soon about working with him on the Catalog/Database Team. Stan told me that he plans to give you copies of the PHP code he has written to see whether you can puzzle it out with your background in C++. This will help him understand where to start you off.

I recommend you talk to your professors to see whether you can get academic credit for any of the work you do for HCLE -- don't be shy about asking for an assignment that fits in with your school work. We all want your volunteer efforts to benefit you as well as HCLE. Perhaps you can also recruit a few of your classmates.

You are welcome to join our Monday, 10 am meetings on Google Hangout whenever you like. They will help you understand HCLE as a whole and you'll get to know some of the other people involved. We post the agenda on Google Drive and can give you permission to view it. Let me know if/when you want to join in. Also, you can always talk to me or Tom as well as Stan.