The First Apple Computer

1. IntroductionAppleI.stencil.blowup.jpg

On this page we will collect information on LO*OP Center's Apple 1 and others existing and deceased. In keeping with the theme of HCLE there are five topics to concentrate on:

2. the story of how this first Apple came to us

A few links:
2. the use of Apple 1's in schools and formal education
3. the history of all the Apple 1's ("Mike's Apple 1 Registry")
4. how various folks learned to use the early Apples
5. how to build an Apple 1 replica (Apple 1 clone built in 2014 for Bugbook Historical Microcomputer Museum)

3. Other Apple 1 stories

Stories harvested from the web...
Meet the Couple Who Paid $815K for a Rare Apple I Computer - Fortune

4. Resources

Corey Cohen

5. Miscellaneous

Building an Apple 1 clone