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This page is the place to collect ideas, artifacts and stories about how computing changed art: how artists work and how they learned to include computing in their craft as well as how teaching and learning about art and art history changed. As we collect material we may find we have the stuff of several separate online exhibits or just one. For the moment just dump your contributions here. Don't forget to include copyright notices for any works you copy. Add a permission to use your own material (see Creative Commons). If you want to organize a specific exhibit or if you'd just like to help out, please contact me.


Liza Loop (

A Professor of Art Catches the Digital Bug

This is the beginning of an exhibit profiling Kathleen, whom I (Liza Loop) met recently (June, 2013) at a meeting of the Visual Resources Association. Dr. Cohen's career took an exciting but unexpected change in the early 1980's when video disc technology made it possible to collect and distribute images of works of art much more efficiently than was possible through printed books. Her story illustrates the profound impact of computing on the practice of teaching as well as what we need to learn to function in the 21st century and how we access learning materials.

To be continued...

copied from San Jose State University
Dr. Kathleen Cohen is an art historian with special interest in computer applications to art history and in strategies for teaching the basic art history survey courses. She began her work in the area of Medieval European art, but during recent years she has become interested in the integration of the arts of world using technology. She has worked in the areas of vidoedisc, multimedia, digital image databases, and broad band on-line telecommunications and has served as project director for a number of projects in these areas.

Dr. Cohen has written the Study Guide for Gardner's Art Through the Ages as well as articles on art history and technology and a book on Medieval and Renaissance tomb imagery, Metamorphosis of a Death Symbol. She is currently developing a digitized database of art historical images she has taken around the world.

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