The history of computing in learning and education has received some attention (though not as much as we think it deserves, hence the HCLE Virtual Museum). We welcome additions to our reference list so researchers can eliminate duplication and also so researchers can identify gaps that deserve greater study.

Books of Historical Interest

  • United States, Office of Technology Assessment, Congress
    • Informational technology and its impact on American Education, Nov. 1982. (Amazon) (appendix only)
    • Teaching, Learning and Technology, Apple Classroom of Tomorrow
    • Power on! : new tools for teaching and learning. (Amazon)
    • COLLECTED EDITORIALS, A 1985 book by Dave Moursund (MS Word copy)
    • Intellectual Property Rights in an Age of Electronics and Information Advisory Panel (pdf copy)

Contemporary References to Ed Tech History

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  • Part II: A history of instructional design. Educational Technology, Research and Development, 49 (2), 57-67.
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Informal Presentations about the History of Computing in Education

University of Kansas
  • Paul Saettler, (1990). The Evolution of American Educational Technology. 570 pp.
  • James D. Finn (1972). Extending Education Through Technology: Selected Writing on Instructional Technology. AECT. (Jim Finn, is often considered the "Father of Educational Communications and Technology).
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  • Kendall Hunt (1975). Okoboji: A Twenty Year Review of Leadership – 1955-1974.

Henry Lowood