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Until we have this wiki a little more developed, I would like to communicate with users before giving full access. Please join the wiki. Click on the "Join" box in the black bar at the upper right of the window. The next screen asks if you want to start a new wiki. Click no and select "join". On the next page choose JOIN again and leave your real name as a comment.This will send an email to me and I'll let you in assuming I know who you are. If we haven't been introduced I'd like to exchange a few emails with you to make sure your intentions are honorable.

We welcome volunteers who would like to help build this virtual museum, learners and teachers who may have stories to contribute, hobbyists and computer professionals who mastered computing when there was nobody to show the way. If you happen to have relics of early computing, documents, software or curricular materials, don't throw them out. Donate them to HCLE.

Of course, museum visitors and scholars interested in the collection are also welcome. We're not ready to provide a formal museum experience for you yet but you'll be able to brag that you knew us when...

Thank you for your interest and tell your friends about us.


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