There are two kinds of contributors at HCLE: those who have already made some sort of contribution to the project and those who have yet to do so...AND there are many ways to do it: volunteer your labor or expertise, donate a story or artifact, collaborate on a project or exhibit. Care to contribute financially?

Maybe you can think of other ways to donate as well. Please contact us with your ideas.

The list of contributors will grow, but all such lists begin with a name, that one person who decided this must be done and that she'd make sure it happened.

HCLE's Founder

Liza Loop, Founder and Vision Keeper

But such efforts always involve dozens, hundreds, thousands, or more. We look forward to adding your name to the list.


Steve Wozniak, Educator and Apple Founder
Nicola Demonte, Educator
Tom Trimbath, Project Manager
Sue Averett, indiegogo supporter
David Moursund, Founder
Ann Lathrop,
Sandy Wagner, Founder of Computer User Education Organization
Paul Trafford, Blogger Story

And the people that are also contributing their time, the HCLE staff.


AAM - Alliance of American Museums
AIA - Accuracy In Academia

Professional Associations and Groups

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery (proposal submitted)
ESA - Entertainment Software Association (proposal submitted)



NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities - Preservation and Access (proposal submitted)
NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities - Digital Projects for the Public (proposal submitted)
CalHum - Cal Humanities

Guidelines for Contributing/Donating Items to the HCLE Archive

Images or Text

We're beginning to make contact with other collectors. If you are willing to contribute to HCLE, please follow these guidelines:
1) Email written permission to copy and publish all contributed images and text to
2) Email contributions to me or post them on (You will need to "join" the wiki to post.) If the item is already publicly available on a STABLE, long-running site, just the URL is sufficient.
3) Provide a comment or story for each photo or group of photos explaining what is in the picture and why it is important for learning and/or education. This can be what and how you learned, what someone else learned at the time the photo was taken or what someone might learn from the photo or object now. Of course, I welcome anything else you may be stimulated to say by the picture.
4) Date all images and text. Include notes about where the picture was taken and who else was around at the time. Details make these stories come alive. For example, the album below is labeled ECCC 2012. Was that a conference? When and where was it? Is there a web site? What else would HCLE visitors like to know about it?
5) If the item isn't your work, please either get the creator to provide permission or put him/her in touch with me.

Thanks to all present and future contributors to HCLE

To make a financial contribution, please click here