Exhibit Working Pages


Each of these wiki "pages" is a space for gathering information to be used in the construction of a more formal HCLE Online Exhibit. Like exhibits in a brick and mortar museum, online or virtual exhibits provide the visitor with an entertaining and educational view of a topic, subject or question. Exhibits are made up of images tied together with narrative captions that provide context for the image and tell the visitor why it is significant. Unlike physical museum exhibits, HCLE virtual exhibits invite the visitor to delve more deeply into the subject matter by having links to primary source documents, other related exhibits and author/creators both living and deceased.

Currently (April 2017) no exhibits have been completed. HCLE is seeking exhibit builders who will pick a topic and tell its story on a website they create. This work should be carefully researched and skillfully laid out, requiring an effort roughly equivalent to writing a Masters level thesis. For those not ready to take on the task of building a whole exhibit the working pages let you contribute as much as you can, crowdsource fashion.

More Details

The exhibit working pages listed below have been started by HCLE staff or volunteer contributors. You are welcome to expand this list. If you have artifacts, documents or videos related to any of these topics you can add them to the appropriate page (after joining the wiki) or email them to Liza@hcle.org. If the item is already available on a stable web site there's no need to copy it, just use its permanent URL. When have additional information about an item or a story to tell that isn't posted yet, please go ahead and add it. If you want to contribute something that is copyrighted, please include whatever copyright information you have. If you own the copyright and want us to be able to reproduce it please provide written permission. We recommend the use of Creative Commons copyright licenses.

When creating a new wiki page for an exhibit you propose please choose a descriptive name with words connected by the underbar character. The last word should be _working.

Existing Exhibit Working Pages

Here are the pages that have been started so far: