Metadata Team


1. Liza Loop
2. Svetlana Ushakova

09.16.14 Svetlana
Thank you, Liza, that you checked the link and replaced it. I will be glad if we have more people.

This is really great, Svetlana, and exactly the kind of work I'd hoped you could do. Do you want more folks on the team? Shall I advertise for more volunteers or are you happy working solo? I added a link to our database forms. Your "nine formats" link doesn't work yet.

09.03.14 Svetlana
I'm currently working on metadata crosswalk for MARC 21 and HCLE standard. The first phase is comparison of five "communication" formats of MARC 21 (formats for bibliographic data, for authority data, for holdings data, for classification data, and for community information) and nine formats of HCLE that are mostly defined for practice purpose (forms for database), but definitely have their "metadata" logic and are comparable with MARC 21.