Omeka Exhibit Site
The purpose of this page is to keep notes on the planning and implementation of the Exhibit site
This site is:
  • built using the Omeka open source software
  • just beginning construction (Oct 2013)
  • not appropriate for our primary item preservation site
It will be used to learn to implement in Omeka and experiment with various display formats.

If you visit the site and would like to leave comments, impressions or suggestions, please click here or email omeka at hcle dot org

If you can help us design exhibits, please email me directly: Liza at hcle dot org.

Another example site was developed by the Pratt Institute School of Information based on a digitization project they conducted using HCLE materials.

Below you will find notes and questions raised by the HCLE staff and volunteers about developing this site.

From Liza (20131004):

What is the best way to scan items for display on Omeka. I scanned item 1550, Personal Computers for the Physically Disabled at 600 dots/in and saved it as a pdf. This is definitely not the way to go. Problems:
  • It is pixelated. I'll try a lower resolution.
  • It is not searchable. We can OCR each document, page by page and put them separately into Omeka but this is not workable for large documents or many small documents. Tom says it is searchable on his Apple but I can't do it on my PC. We need advice, maybe from Internet Archive on how to prepare docs.
  • The PDF image loads very slowly. See above.

Problems with the PCC web site:
  • No obvious link. I want visitors to be able to get to the websites we put in Omeka
  • No picture. I don't understand how or where to put the illustration that should accompany this item.