HCLE Planning Section

Project View

The History of Computing for Learning and Education Virtual Museum has several main projects.
Within each of these categories are several subprojects. They all play into various aspects of chronicling the ways computers changed how and what we learn, and they each provide a different avenue for people to explore.

Stages View

Development of the HCLE Museum can be seen as a sequence of stages:
  • Planning (this page)
  • Proof of Concept
  • Museum Wrapper
  • Exhibit Prototypes
  • Implemented Museum
  • Exhibit Expansion

Features View

  • Collection (physical and digital)
  • User Interfaces
  • Research resources
  • Public "Edutainment"

Another take on Planning can be found here.... It is being created as a set of materials for a conference presentation at the Museums and the Web Conference in April 2014. (Well, that didn't happen! Liza and Tom went to the conference (it was great) but we didn't get to make this presentation.)

Finding Money to Follow

Our funding campaign has begun. We're pursuing grants, accepting donations, and have launched our Vision Club for substantial individual donors

Proof of Concept

The next stage is Funding the Proof of Concept or Prototype of the Museum. As of 2015 a web site incorporating the various elements of a Proof of Concept was developed. This iwill lead into the creation of a formal Design Document that will lead to a refined Proof of Concept and the subsequent Virtual Museum.

Earlier Planning Documents

Here are several versions of a more complete set of HCLE Summaries and Proposals:

In the future, Meetups will happen to sort, scan, and save the thousands of documents in the HCLE archive.

Program Plan - a schematic