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This page provides introductions and links to past and present organizations that do work similar to what HCLE does. Some focus on historical research, others develop educational or learning tools...

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Section 1 - Active History Groups

From the site:
The Computing Educators Oral History Project (CEOHP) is a multi-year, grassroots project to collect and preserve the oral histories of computing educators.
CEOHP was conceived to address factors that affect decisions made by women and girls about working in the computing field. Thus, a specific goal of the project is to disseminate the voices of female computing educators so that they can serve as role models, with the vision of ameliorating the declining numbers of women in the computing fields. Through collecting career stories and artifacts from a variety of computing educators, this project can result in a set of tools to aid in improving the number of women and girls who work in and study computing.

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