Software Archive
The Internet Archive has graciously offered to host software for many collectors, including HCLE. Thank you, Jason Scott. (24 Oct. 2013)

Links on this page will take you to pages devoted to the building of our software archive. As they become available we will add links to specific programs and give you the opportunity to use them in your internet browser. We will add commentary about the items explaining how each was used and why we think it is worth revisiting today.

The process of preserving and making old software available involves many steps. In order to end up with the user-friendly exhibits we plan, HCLE staff will have to:
  1. sort the physical media we have in storage
  2. "scrape" each diskette and tape so that its contents are readable on modern computers
  3. inventory/catalog what we have
  4. search to see whether the item is already available elsewhere on the web
  5. download or link to the stuff we find but don't have in the LO*OP collection
  6. fill out the metadata for both existing and new items
  7. figure out and then document how to access individual items
  8. write interpretations of the significance of each item
  9. design exhibits incorporating the items
  10. build feedback mechanisms into the exhibits
  11. decide what to do with the feedback
  12. funding software preservation

The HCLE catalog must be functional before this process begins in earnest. As of this writing (25 Oct. 2013) we're not ready to press ahead with the software but the time is coming. Probably teams of about 10 people, from high school age on up will work best and create a fun atmosphere around an essentially boring job. Please email software at hcle dot org if you would like to be invited to this party.