Innovators Learning and Education


Sometimes an invention or innovation became pivotal for learning or education even though it was not developed specifically for that purpose. HCLE will not cover the computer industry as a whole so many important industry pioneers will not show up here. However, we will include links to information about people whose contributions changed educational practice but are not full-fledged ed tech pioneers.

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Innovator Quotations about Education and Learning


The need to educate the public is evident. Dr. J. C. Licklider of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in a report to the National Science Foundation, points out that:

  • Education is not only missing a great opportunity; it is failing to discharge a crucial responsibility. The world is rapidly moving into the “information age.” In order to make the transition wisely and well, the public must understand information science and technology. People must master technology or be mastered by it.

From Position Paper on Computer Literacy, March 1981, Texas Association for Educational Data Systems