For purposes of this wiki page, a timeline is a form of data display that shows the relationship among various events through history. To date (Feb, 2015) HCLE has not prepared its own timeline but plans to generate one that locates each item in its database in order of its creation. Clicking on an item will call up its short description and image as well as leading to more information and links to exhibits that include the item.

If you are interested in working on our Timeline project, please contact Liza@hcle.org or Tom@hcle.org

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EdTech Timelines

Making a timeline has been a popular assignment in many college-level educational technology classes. Several of these are posted on the internet and linked below. Note that very few have details about the period on which HCLE focuses, 1960 to 1990.

History of Educational Technology - Timeline created by Jessica Levene for EME 5054, Fall 2012. Assignment 2.2, EdD Cohort 3 at the University of Florida
The History of Teaching Machines - A Hack Education project, Audrey Watters

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Google Arts & Culture - Timeline