Virtual Exhibits


Every real museum has exhibits. In a physical museum you wander around and look at pictures on the walls and artifacts in cases. Children's museums and science centers often have exhibits you can climb on or inside. You push buttons and they move. HCLE, when it is operational, will have simulated exhibits you can interact with too. Here are some of the ideas we are planning to implement. As we begin to design each exhibit we will create a "working page" that can be used to collect ideas, material and drafts for the final exhibit.

There are no complete exhibits as of April 2014 but you are welcome to visit the working pages and to add your own ideas and content. Be sure to include copyright notices and permissions on all work, both your own and others'. If you do not want to "reserve all rights" as traditional copyright law suggests, check out Creative Commons for a more appropriate notice to viewers on how you want your work to be treated.

Contact us if you would be willing to lead a team to make one of these projects a reality. If you just want to contribute, join the wiki and jump in.


Exhibit Ideas for HCLE

For those of you who have experienced the virtual world called "Second Life", we have a preview of some exhibits we have in mind: The LO*OP Center Office
You need to sign up for a free account on Second Life to see this.

- Early Public Access: Museums and Storefronts

This exhibit will feature pictures of these first places where members of the public could actually put actually put their hands on a computer keyboard (really it was a teletype) and give you a chance to sample the software available for public use.

- Modern History of Computers Institutions (but not specifically educational computing)

- What Woz Dreamed and How Educators Woke Up: Apple Computers Invade Schools

- Hobby Clubs: How Adults Learned About Microcomputers

Random Images

This page is just a random collection of images from our files. Its purpose is to provide a taste of what will be in our catalog. As much as possible, links will connect you with complete, searchable texts of books, magazine articles, and scholarly papers. Links to other web sites will usually open in a new window so you won't lose your place on the HCLE site.

Exemplary Online Sites

There are many physical museums that are adding web-based sites to their offerings. Here are links to a few that we at HCLE admire.

Smithsonian Museum
Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
US National Archives
Library of Congress
American Museum of Natural History
The Henry Ford Museum Exhibit Builder
National History Museum, London
British Museum
Vatican Museum
Collective Access alternative to Omeka.
New York Times Timeline of Classroom Technology
Science Museum Group Digital Lab