Virtual Museums


We aren't the only one. Virtual museums are being developed everywhere because they can reach everywhere (where there's an internet connection.) Because of them, you can visit dozens of museums in the time it takes to drive, park, and walk through a physical museum.

There are at least three types of organizations that are popularly called "virtual museums":
  1. Web sites that make the collections of physical museums available online
  2. Blogs, wikis and other collections of images assembled by individuals or institutions that are not fully developed as museums
  3. Institutions that perform all the functions of physical museums except providing physical public access exhibit space

HCLE is currently a wiki focused on a physical archive (2nd type). Our intent is to grow into a fully developed Virtual Museum (3rd type).

Defining "Virtual Museum"

Currently (July 2014) there is no international standard that distinguishes the three types of web installations mentioned in the section above and defines the features necessary to be a "virtual museum". A working group is convening to address this question. Please go to On Line Museum Working Group to read and possibly join this group.

Kindred Organizations