Web Development First Page


Section 1: Overview of what we're doing

Scholar and Staff Database Interface

  • Web Section First Page
  • Link to Catalog Maintenance System
  • Pretty Catalog Search Web page

Wiki as loading dock and communication vehicle

  • Media Wiki Design
  • Media Wiki alpha Implementation

Proof of Concept Virtual Museum Site

  • Design Document
  • See Tom Trimbath's Project Management Documents
  • See Planning section on this wiki

Section 2: Who's on the Team

This team is recruiting new volunteer and intern members...

Team Leader: Alan Wilson

Graphic Design:

- Web page layout proposed by Liza on Google Draw.

Section 3: Main Content Development

A. Virtual Museum Features

  • Front Page Lobby
  • Pages - About, Contact, Sponsors, Holodeck, Game Parlor
  • Image Gallery Slide Show
  • Image Page with Titles
  • Catalog database
  • Database browser

B. Development

  • Project Requirements
  • Design Brainstorms
  • Design Document
  • Alpha Implementation
  • Beta Implementation

C. Test and Release

  • Friendly User release.
  • Go public


Section 1

Section 2